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Biology A Level


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Biology A Level

AQA 7401 / 7402

The course will encourage you to:

• Develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other.

• Develop competence and confidence in a variety of practical, mathematical and problem solving skills.

 •Understand how society makes decisions about scientific issues and how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society.

Four units of study in year 1:

  1. Biological molecules
  2. Cells
  3. Exchange with the environment
  4. Genes/Variation

Four units of study in year 2

  1. Energy transfers in and between organisms
  2. Organisms respond to changes in their int/ext environments
  3. Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
  4. The control of gene expression

This course is a highly regarded qualification that can lead to many degree courses.