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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy

Dress Code 2024/25

Southfields Academy’s Sixth Form Dress Code is very important to us and to the students. We do not have a ‘uniform’ in the sixth form but we want our students to always be smart when they attend school, yet we do provide a certain degree of flexibility, freedom and choice for students to wear their own clothes which we know students appreciate. It is, however, key for students to be dressed appropriately and suitably for a school environment.

We also believe that a dress code based on the principles of a professional workplace promotes a positive image of the sixth form to younger students, parents, prospective employers, the local community and visitors to the school.

Consider this: Are you ‘interview ready’ with what you are wearing?

Consideration has been given to how the uniform can be adapted for those who have a disability or who wish to express a cultural, religious or racial identity within the framework of an academy whilst fostering cohesion, safety and a sense of community.

Important - lanyards and ID cards

As there is no uniform in the sixth form, it is a legal requirement that sixth form students always wear their ID card and the correct coloured lanyard.


Not allowed:

  • Light/blue/grey coloured or ripped jeans

  • Cargo trousers/shorts

  • Visible tattoos

  • Hoodies

  • Underwear on show

  • Low-hung jeans/trousers

  • Hats, baseball caps, bandanas or durags

  • Trainers/Sports shoes/Ugg boots/Crocs

  • Clothes worn for sport or physical activity (e.g. tracksuits)

  • Excessive jewellery

  • Logos (other than those which are small and unobtrusive) on any item of clothing.



  • Dark black, smart jeans

  • Plain black trainers

  • Those wanting to wear short shorts, skirts or dresses should wear tights/leggings (or similar) underneath.

The Academy retains the right to act as the final authority on the interpretation of the dress code.  If unsure, students and parents should consult the sixth form leadership team for clarification before purchasing an item.  Students who arrive at school inappropriately dressed will be required to return home to change.