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Economics A Level

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Economics B A Level

Edexcel QAN: 601/4767/2 9EBO

The course is 100% External examination, two AS exams of 90 minutes each and if continued to full A Level, a further three 120 minute exams.

The course offers students the opportunity to see how the economy interacts with businesses. In year one, students learn about how consumer behaviour in markets is influenced by how they work. Students will also begin to see how economic policy impacts on people and businesses in their daily lives.

Continuing to full A Level means taking this knowledge and applying it to the global economic environment. Students will begin to investigate how government and central bank policy impacts everyone. Interest rates, taxation policy and the interaction of global markets are some of the key topics that will be covered in the second year of the course.

Ms J. Boddy

A range of degree courses in business and economics disciplines including finance, banking and, marketing.