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Psychology A Level


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Psychology A Level

AQA 7181, 7182

Psychology involves the study of mental processes and behaviour in the context of real life experiences.  This course is for those who have an enquiring mind, like to discuss and wish to gain an understanding of how humans (and non-humans) develop, socialise and interact with each other.  Psychology is not just an academic subject, it is a life-skill.

Mr A. Samuels

Students will develop transferable skills that both support study in a wide range of subjects at university and the transition to employment, including quantitative and analytical analysis and forming and testing hypotheses.  the development and application of mathematical skills prepare students for study of psychology and related courses at university.

Students can progress from this qualification to: higher education qualifications such as psychology degrees and biology related courses or further education courses such as BTEC higher Nationals such as the Higher National in Applied Biology and Biological Sciences for Industry.